Born in London, UK, in 1981, Martin Pollard became interested in playing both music and computer games at the age of five – starting with a tiny Casio keyboard and an Amstrad CPC 464. He began having piano lessons when he was seven years old. While studying for a HND awarded by the Birmingham Conservatoire, he performed in various bands and also performed solo during a recital at the Lyttelton Theatre in Birmingham, UK.

He became interested in writing and producing music at the age of sixteen, when he received a basic but rewarding music program. Since then he has used various, more powerful music programs, and also sound recording equipment at numerous studios as part of his studies and beyond.

It was not until 2010 that he decided to combine his love for video games with his love for creating music. Since starting a career as a soundtrack composer and sound designer, Martin has already worked on the music and sound effects for a number of games across a range of platforms, in addition to other forms of media such as commercials.

Martin currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.